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Starge Inc. operates as the Beauty & Health Department of the Apollo Trading Group. Based on the concept of “safe, secure, and high-quality manufacturing,” we develop and directly provide skincare&haircare products, quasi-pharmaceuticals, and supplements.

Made in JAPAN

Communicating the appeal of Made in Japan Manufacturing

We provide products that embody the unique Japanese quality control, attentiveness to detail and reliable safety that customers can use with peace of mind. We engage in the developing new products daily to deliver our uncompromising commitment to our customers.

Delivering high levels of technology and safety to our customers

The Apollo Trading Group pursues reliable safety and efficacy in products delivered to customers through our B-to-C business. We use natural plant-derived materials and ever-higher levels of technology in our uncompromising commitment to creating additive-free products. “Fucoidan,” an ingredient used in “LpLp,” is found in “Gagome kelp,” are rare species of brown algae that grows only in limited areas of the sea near Hakodate, Hokkaido. Fucoidan has outstanding hair restoration and moisturizing properties and amazing self-restoring ability. A unique method of extraction developed by Takara Bio Inc., a pioneer in the field of genetic engineering research, is used for its high-purity extraction in its natural form. The Shionogi pharmaceutical Group has taken over the extraction process technology from Takara Bio Inc., supplying Fucoidan extract, so called LPLP W Fucoidan” for us. LpLp W Fucoidan is incorporated in all LpLp products. In addition, Zaol Doctor’s Order is a haircare product with high hair restoration properties and highly evolved performance that results from research and development under the guidance of Dr. Annette Behrens based on German scalp science to provide a solution to those worried about thinning hair. Given a 5-star rating in derma testing in Germany, all Zaol products have passed strict screening in Germany, testament to their high performance and safety levels.

Beautiful hair is only possible with a healthy scalp. It is essential to care for your scalp as you care for your skin. LPLP was born from such a skin care concept. This hair care series takes a practical approach to condition the aging scalp and nurturing beautiful hair from the roots up.

Skin products should be made with quality while being gentle, all without sacrificing results. Our PHYTOLIFT, which has answered these needs in the lives of customers, has been newly reinvented incorporating nine “sensations of plants.” The NINE SENSE PHYTOLIFT was developed with a focus on the acute nature of plants as they adapt to their environment. It helps to create resilient skin that can endure challenging environments, leading to true beauty.


To solve the problems of all those suffering from thinning hair, ZAOL DR.ORDER has researched and developed more advanced and functional hair growth products based on German scalp care science and under the advice of Dr. Annette Behrens.