Through the relationship developed with China over the many years since its establishment, as a local corporate citizen, Apollo Trading Group contributes to the regional community, and actively interacts with the local people and is committed to contributing to society through its unique sustainable activities.

The Apollo Hope Elementary School Project

As one step in our social contribution activities, Apollo Trading Group has been supported “Project Hope,” promoted by the China Youth Development Foundation. In June 2015, as entire Apollo Trading Group made a grant to the Project in cooperation with the local government and China Youth Development Foundation. Th eold schoolhouse of the elementary school in Guigang City in the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Pingnan County , was rebuilt as Apollo Hope Elementary School, together with the new schoolhouse opened in September 2016. We will continue to promote activities to create a better educational environment for the children who will shoulder the future of China.

Project Hope: Launched in 1989, Project Hope is a non-profit social project promoted by the China Youth Development Foundation to alleviate poverty and improve educational conditions in remote regions in China and support school attendance by preschoolers.

Tree Planting Activities

The increasing desertification in China in recent years has been cited as a serious environmental problem. Shunde Apollo Air Cleaner Co., Ltd. in Shunde District, Foshan City launched tree planting activities in the Shunde District in 2013 to actively promote greenification of the area. We hope that our business activities will continue to gradually contribute to society in this way in the future.