Advanced Materials

Advanced Materials for
a more convenient tomorrow

Advanced materials business is handled by Apollo Yoko of Apollo Trading Group, covering a wide diversity of products including mobile devices such as smartphones and laptop computers, advanced materials for automobiles, components for multi-core connectors for optical communications and materials for environment-related applications such as sewage treatment. With their expert knowledge and abundant experience, Japanese overseas assignees and local staff provide prompt and attentive sales and technological services with a system in place designed to satisfy customers. We also have extensive experience in handling chemicals and other hazardous products for the Chinese market and have a system in place to ensure smooth supply of products using local hazardous product warehouses.

Strengths of Apollo Yoko

Group of Professionals
in Chinese Business

For more than 20 years, we have been supplying Japanese chemical-related advanced materials to customers in China and Taiwan such as manufacturers of home appliances and automobiles. Constantly endeavoring to build relationships with local customers and quickly pick up on wide ranging special local needs, we engage in the development of new products jointly with Japanese manufacturers to develop new markets.

Proposal of building new businesses
matched to needs

We build new businesses working hand in hand with customers through a process of repeated coordination between local companies and Japanese manufacturers, through activities ranging from market surveys of all kinds of industries and products, launching new customer enterprises, product presentations, building good relations and concluding agreements with customers.

Extensive experience in
handling hazardous products

Requirements for the handling and management of hazardous chemical products in China are becoming stricter year by year. With our abundant experience and an extensive track record in handling hazardous products in China such as adhesives and coating agents, we can build local supply systems tailormade to meet requirements. We have obtained licenses for import customs clearance and inventory sales of hazardous products in China. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are considering exporting hazardous products to China.


Mobile devices

  • Materials for liquid crystal and OLED panels
  • Antiprism sheets, light-guiding plates
  • Conductive adhesive sheets for FPC
  • High-performance double-sided tape
  • Graphite sheets
  • Adhesives


  • Interior/exterior decorative film
  • Louver film
  • Resin plates
  • Hard coating agents
  • Thermal conductive sheets for EV batteries

Optical communication connector components

  • MT ferrules
  • Connectors

Environment-related materials for applications such as sewage treatment

  • High-performance nonwoven fabric