Filtration for a cleaner living environment

Apollo Trading Group’s filtration business aims to provide a living environment for everyone with clean air and water through filtration in order to respond to the growing environmental awareness of our customers. In the field of air filters, we manufacture and sell high-performance filters for equipment such as air conditioner, air purifier and refrigerator, with special focus on the growing demand for air purifiers driven by the need for air filtration as a measure to counter the spread of the COVID-19. Under the high level of control developed by Apollo Trading, Freudenberg Apollo Filtration Technologies Co., Ltd., an Apollo Trading Group company, manufactures and sells a wide range of dust, deodorant, antibacterial, freshness-preserving, and humidifying filter using advanced technologies as solutions to address the recent spread of COVID-19 and other air pollution-related problems, products which are supplied to well-known brands not only in Japan and China, but around the world. As a hybrid company combining the strengths of a manufacturer and trading company, Freudenberg Apollo Filtration Technologies Co., Ltd., offers new out-of-the-box ideas and sensibilities and OEM business. Since 2015, the company has also been expanding its sphere of business in the field of water filtration to include the manufacture of household drinking water purification filters and RO purifiers for use under kitchen sinks. In 2020, the company also started OEM business for direct faucet-mounted water purifiers. With the aim of realizing a cleaner environment through the power of filters, we are working ceaselessly on new developments.

Total Solution

Everyday household appliances incorporate multiple filters, for example, air purifier incorporate dust, deodorizing, humidifying and other filters. Refrigerator also contain deodorizing and preservation filter while vacuum cleaner are fitted with washable prefilter and dust filter. We manufacture and sell all these types of filters and can offer proposals matched to needs in response to enquiries.

Speedy Product Development

Freudenberg Apollo Filtration Technologies Co., Ltd., a CNAS (China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment) certified Apollo Trading Group company, can not only measure filter performance measuring equipment, but also the performance of customers’ home appliance products. The company can verify the performance of equipment incorporating filter, thus eliminating the need for the customer to order testing by outside test institutions and significantly reducing product development time.

Comparison of Product Development Flow《Air Purifier》

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Apollo Trading Corporation

Proposals as
a Comprehensive Filter Manufacturer

Based on our track record and know-how as a home appliance filter manufacturer, we accept OEM for household filters.
We offer proposals for a better future lifestyle as we pursue new development. Please feel free to contact us with enquiries about filters.